Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions apply (from 1st of October 2020):

  • The program is only eligible to companies & business who would like to promote Travellers Autobarn via their own marketing channels.
  • To register the affiliate needs to provide their name, email address, business website address as well as business name. Every affiliate will receive a response about their application within 24 to 72 hours. Every affiliate will also receive the contact details of their dedicated account manager to discuss any questions that may arise at any time.
  • For any company - which is based in the US - a valid W9 form is required. This is required for tax purposes; Travellers Autobarn will request a W9 from the affiliate if required. If the company is based outside of the US no W9 form is required.
  • To be eligible for the reward any 3rd party must have clicked on the affiliate's dedicated referral link
  • To be eligible for the reward any 3rd party must have booked online via our website - www.travellers-autobarnrv.com
  • To be eligible for the reward the 3rd party's booking must have been approved by Travellers Autobarn USA, meaning that the bookings were confirmed & a camper van / mini van was picked up successfully.
  • The reward for each approved booking (booking which were confirmed & vehicle picked up) will be 7% of the total sales price during the booking stage.
  • Depending on performance the affiliate & Travellers Autobarn can discuss an increase of the commission structure.
  • Once the status changes from "pending" to "approved" the affiliate is eligible for payment & will receive payment at the beginning of the next month.
  • For every "approved" sales the affiliate will receive a notification email.
  • Travellers Autobarn will confirm with the affiliate the amounts and the affiliate will need to email an invoice to Travellers Autobarn (alternatively the affiliate can email an invoice directly to Travellers Autobarn at the beginning of each month).
  • Payments will be made in form of bank transfer or via online payment. This option can be discussed during the sign-up stage or during the first pay-out month.
Travellers Autobarn's affiliate program is only available for businesses & companies with a valid website or websites promoting Travellers Autobarn & not valid for individuals wanting to promote Travellers Autobarn to friend & family members (in such case please join our referral program).